The new district of Finnoo welcomes cyclists

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2020-02-14 16:17

The new seaside and metro district of Finnoo is being developed with a particular focus on emissions-free mobility, such as cycling and commuter cycling. To this end, the district will feature cycling routes through verdant parkland and plenty of high-quality parking for cyclists. Convenient cycling connections to the centre of Finnoo are being built from all directions.

Cyclists riding on a bicycle path on a sunny summer day.
Photo: Heidi-Hanna Karhu. 

Take the new bicycle corridor to Finnoo

Two happy young women on a pedestrian path by the sea.

Cyclists are in for a treat as the development plans for Finnoo also include the construction of a dedicated bicycle corridor. This bicycle corridor will extend from Suomenlahdentie through green spaces and Finnoo centre to the direction of Iivisniemi. The corridor will be a high-quality route designed primarily for cycling, featuring separate cycling and pedestrian lanes and providing smooth passage to the direction of Matinkylä and Espoonlahti.

In addition to the bicycle corridor, one side of Suomenlahdentie, Finnoonsilta and Kaitaantie will be turned into a dedicated pedestrian and cycling lane. The construction of the new lane is already complete in places.

Parking for hundreds of bicycles

Cyclists will be provided with a significant amount of parking space in Finnoo. The plan is to develop the area near the southern entrance of the metro station, under the Meritie plaza deck, into a high-quality commuter parking area, with a capacity of approximately 260 bicycles. 

Planning is also underway for another high-quality bicycle parking area for approximately 160 bicycles. This parking area will be located at the Finnoonsilta bridge underpass, which will be reachable via a wide ramp splitting off from the side of Kaitaantie.  The tunnel will also feature some art for the enjoyment of its users, as one of its walls will be adorned by a piece called ‘Merenalainen maailma’ (‘Underwater World’) designed by the students of Kaitaa General Upper Secondary School.

Finnoo will also include sheltered parking areas for bicycles at marketplace areas.

All parking plans are subject to change.

Finnoo is being built from the best bits

Finnoo is a unique new urban area for 17,000 people being built around the metro station, by the seashore and close to nature. Featuring a high-rise centre around the metro station, the development of Finnoo is steered by energy efficiency criteria set by the City of Espoo. The development of the district’s first residential buildings will begin in spring 2020.

Illustration of Finnoo centre.
Illustration: Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects Ltd.