Tapiola swimming hall will be renovated to work even better

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2020-12-17 15:45

Tapiola swimming hall will be renovated in a manner that preserves its architectural values and overall form. The hall’s dressing rooms and shower facilities will become more functional, and all damaged structures will be renewed. The goal is to start the renovations in 2022 and have the hall back in use by 2024.

Image from the outside of Tapiola swimming hall.
Tapiola swimming will be renovated. The goal is to have the hall back in use by 2024. Image: Marko Oikarinen.

Extensive studies and surveys were made on the swimming hall, based on which experts devised a statement on factors that affect the ability to renovate the hall. According to the statement, the renovation rate for the building would be about 90%. Based on the statement and the discussions held and as commissioned by the City, experts prepared a proposal for further action on 19 November 2020.

The proposal takes the protection provision in the detailed plan into account, in addition to the architectural and scenic values of the building. The protection provision is based on the assessment carried out in the historical survey and inventory regarding the facilities’ architectural values, the preservation of its purpose, and the meaning of the facilities.

Extensive renovation

According to the proposal on further action, the roof’s main beams, the load-bearing roofing deck and the columns can be preserved in the hall’s renovation. In the renovation of the roof structures, their load-bearing capacity will be improved to meet the currently dimensioned snow load. The parts of the columns exposed to water splashes will be repaired. The structures of the main pool need to be renewed in full. The foundations need to be renewed as they have developed initial alkali-aggregate reactions. The facades and all the building engineering systems are at the age where they need to be renewed.

The floors of the dressing and shower rooms in the eastern parts of the building need to be demolished, and two levels need to be designed instead of three. To implement sufficient dressing and shower rooms and the necessary technical facilities, a minor expansion of the building is required up to the eastern boundary of the plot. Further planning will reveal the architectural nature of the expansion. The expansion requires a decision on an exception.

Shared views

In connection with the preparation of the surveys and statements, the City has reviewed matters with the Finnish Heritage Agency and the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment on several occasions. According to them, the current proposal of further action is justified and carefully prepared and a good starting point for the process. The proposal advances the renovation of the swimming hall while taking the special values into consideration.

“It seems there is a solution for the renovation of the swimming hall that works well with building protection and takes the views of various authorities into account. This creates a basis for feasible renovation plans which can be implemented in a controlled manner, without long-term land use planning processes,” says head of technical and environment services Olli Isotalo.

The decision in principle on the project will likely be made in January 2021. After that, a project plan will be prepared, which the City will then decide on before the summer holidays in 2021. The actual planning would start immediately after this. The project is included in the City’s investment programme for the coming years.

An exceptional renovation site

The renovation of Tapiola swimming hall will be an exceptionally challenging project requiring a high level of expertise. In the planning and construction phases, the operators involved will work closely with the supervising authorities. The construction is planned to start in 2022, and the hall would be swimming-ready in 2024.

The renovation of Tapiola swimming hall is an important project for all Tapiola residents and all of Espoo. The renovation would also attract international interest, as the building has historical value and is protected under the detailed plan.

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