Kera – New ecological local centre

The new Kera will be built around the existing rail traffic. The strong local centre will be constructed between the Nokia campus and the Kutoja area. You can read more about development projects in Kera from our Finnish website.

Development potential over 1 million floor sqm. Total investments approx. €4 billion.

The area around the station will be transformed from a logistics area into an urban walking- and cycling-oriented local centre of 14,000 residents. In addition to commercial services, the centre will include day-care centres, schools and sports and recreation services.

The objective of Kera is to develop into an international example of circular economy. The existing rail traffic and the 5G technology under development in the area will enable the implementation of modern IoT and mobility solutions as early as the construction phase. In addition to new urban construction, the reuse and temporary use of old buildings in the area will be promoted.

Sketch of park area in Kera

At the moment, the majority of Kera is a job-oriented industrial area. Approximately 9,300 people work in the area at over 240 companies. The largest employers are Nokia and Inex Partners. In the future, there will be more jobs in the area.

When more residents move to the area, their services will improve. Plans for Kera include shops, a day-care centre, a school and recreational facilities. The station area enables the creation of a dense service cluster.

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station

About 20 minutes by train

Development of Kera

The main objective of the development of Kera is to create a distinct identity for the area based on its local characteristics. In the future, the area will be dominated by blocks of flats, and many jobs will continue to be located there. The Kera of the future will be effectively supported by public transport as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Kera will have a clear and dense centre. The development of the area will be focused on sustainable development and digitalisation.

By 2035, over 1,000,000 floor m2 will be built in Kera. There will be 700,000 floor m2 of living area for the 14,000 new residents of the area.

Aerial sketch view of Kera

Sketches: Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B&M Oy

Most important companies operating in the area:

  • Nokia HQ
  • Algol
  • Reuse Centre

The main building of Algol will remain in the area.

Most important development projects

Surroundings of Kera station

The centre of Kera will be developed around the railway station, where the most important public and commercial services will be concentrated. Walking routes and squares connect the centre to the recreational areas. The area’s buildings and outdoor areas will be constructed with high quality.

The Kutoja area

Residential buildings and business premises will be built along the boulevard running through the Kutoja area. The main objective is to combine the old and the new in an interesting way. The aim is also to create public services and recreational opportunities in the area.

At the moment, there are several unused office spaces in the Kutoja area that are being planned to be reformed. However, the Reuse Centre operating in the area already produces a flow of customers to the area. Empty spaces can be converted to residential use, various workshops, centres of cultural activities or artists’ studios. The ecological Kutoja is an area of many opportunities. It can be developed into a diverse centre of handicraft and experimental art that supports sustainable development, circular economy and modern solutions of urban production.

The Karamalmi business campus

Karamalmi is being developed into an urban campus area for technology companies. The aim is also to build residential buildings in the area, which will enable increasing the selection of services.

In the future, walking and cycling routes and the rail connection will connect Karamalmi to central Kera. The diverse urban structure will support campus life, events in the area and the daily operation of the companies.


Project Director Pekka Vikkula,, +358 46 877 2601