The renovation of Espoon keskus continues with major demolitions

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2020-10-05 9:49

The development of the Espoon keskus area is advancing. The landscape around the old City Hall will change, even though the final decisions about the building are still in progress. The demolition of the Virastotalo 2 building will start in early October and end in May 2021.

Bicycle parking in Espoon keskus.

New bicycle parking with room for 156 bicycles.

The demolition project will impact both the locations of bus stops and pedestrian routes. The bridge over Kirkkojärventie street will be demolished, among others. The bus stops by the demolition site will be moved next to the new residential buildings for the duration of the work. Routes will be marked with signs.

The new building being planned on the site is Espoo House. The architecture competition for the building is planned to start during the current year.

‘Torilla tavataan!’

A new event venue and meeting place, Vaakunatori Square, will be built in front of the City Hall. The square will be complete by early November. The square’s landmark will be sculptor Vesa-Pekka Rannikko’s large illuminated work of art, which will be set up from 5 October onwards. The square and its environment will also have new flowers and trees.

Vaakunatori Square under construction in Espoon keskus.

Vaakunatori Square will be complete in early November.

The renovation of Kirkkojärventie has also moved to the completion phase. The safety of pedestrians and cyclists will improve as they will have their own paths in the future. Kirkkojärventie will have one car lane in both directions.

In addition to this, a new bicycle parking area with room for 156 bicycles has been completed next to the station. The illuminated and roofed parking area will become available to cyclists at the end of the year.

Photos: Espoon kaupunki

Espoon keskus