Espoo Centre becoming a modern, comfortable urban centre

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2018-08-13 13:38

The extensive development of Espoo Centre will continue throughout the year. The area will be transformed from an old cluster of office buildings into a more inviting area with homes and workplaces. Old buildings will be demolished and replaced by new residential, business and office premises. Espoo Centre will also include a new Espoo House where Espoo residents and city staff can encounter.

Housing, services and new routes

Espoo Centre is mainly developed around the train station which will become a versatile, modern urban centre. New residential premises will be built next to services and public transport connections. Comfortable and high-quality routes will also be built for pedestrians and cyclists. Espoo’s developing heart is already served by excellent transport connections. The area will become increasingly easy to reach in the future when a city rail link to central Helsinki and the fast rail connection to Turku, the “one-hour train”, become a reality.

The Espoontori and Entresse shopping centres will be expanded to accommodate more services in the coming years. New residences for some 350 people will also be added to the shopping centres.

Aerial winter view of Espoo Centre

A meeting place for residents and city officials

The plan is to begin the demolition of the City Hall, as decided by the City Council. The building has been vacated since 2009. Next on the demolition list is Virastotalo 2, to be replaced by a new building where Espoo residents and city officials can encounter. The new building will house some of the city administration, versatile services, cultural and business premises, and spaces that serve decision-making and the city’s cooperation with its residents. The city will hold an architecture competition for the building’s design. Its construction is set to begin in 2022. The building is scheduled to be completed in early 2025.

Due to the ongoing changes in the area, most city employees working in Espoo Centre will move to temporary offices for several years. When the Espoo House is completed, the city employees will move back to Espoo Centre where new, more efficient and versatile premises wait for them.

Sketch of Espoo House

New parking area for connecting traffic

A new parking area has been opened for drivers who use public transportation. It is located right next to the station, on both sides of the underpass.

The parking areas in front of the City Hall are will be closed as they are reserved for other use. New residential buildings will replace the parking areas along the Kirkkojärventie street. Their construction will begin in autumn 2018.  The area in front of the current City Hall will be replaced by a market square. Work on the foundations will begin in summer 2018. The square will become a versatile location for events and encounters.

As Kirkkojärventie is improved, more parking space for bicycles will be added to the station’s vicinity in 2019.

More homes to be built

The construction of the Suviniitty neighbourhood will continue for approximately three years. Its new day care centre will probably be opened in 2020. The Suviniitty area is being developed in order to provide homes for about a thousand new residents by the next decade.

The year 2018 also marks the beginning of new housing construction on the northern side of the station, following a residential block plan that won an architecture competition. The block will also include business premises along the new Vaakunatori square.

Open playground with staff in Suvela

The development of Espoo Centre in a nutshell

Espoo Centre will become an increasingly comfortable urban centre with homes and workplaces.

  • Its immediate surroundings and recreation areas are constantly being improved.
  • A new building – the Espoo House – will include premises for Espoo residents and city officials. Espoo Centre will remain the hub of Espoo’s administration.
  • New housing, business and office premises will be built around the station.
  • Espoo Centre is estimated to attract some 10,000 new inhabitants by 2050.
  • The Espoontori and Entresse shopping centres are expected to expand their operations in the near future.
  • The development of the area will enable the emergence of about 2,000 new jobs in the area.
  • Espoo’s ever-developing heart is easy to reach, and its excellent transport connections will improve even further in the future.  A decision on the extension of the city rail link from Leppävaara will be made in the coming years.

Further information about Espoo Centre