Tapiola sports park to become a verdant park for the residents

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2021-01-18 10:50

Recreation and entertainment for Espoo’s residents in the regenerating sports park

The sports park’s current functions and sports services will expand: in addition to a new football stadium, the park will receive other outdoor exercise facilities, such as skate ramps, a football field, courts for padel and street basketball, and tables for table tennis. Furthermore, the new development will include a multi-purpose hall and indoor facilities for stick and racket sports.

The park will be merged with the existing pavement and bike lane system, making it a functional part of this network and easy and enjoyable to traverse

The sports park to bring new events, people and life to Tapiola

The sophisticated design of the new sports park will complement Tapiola’s urban landscape, and the new shops, cafés and restaurants that are to be located around the park’s buildings will further enliven the area. Moreover, homes will be built near the site for approximately one thousand residents.

The sports park’s new football stadium with its 6,000 seats will be able to serve as a venue for international-level games and large-scale events. Parking facilities will be located in an underground carpark below the stadium.

‘The zoning plan allows Tapiola sports park to be turned into a green and versatile urban venue for sports and events with good transport connections,’ says Tapiola’s project director, Antti Mäkinen.

A climate-smart sports park

The park will receive a carbon-neutrality plan, which will take into consideration the park’s energy consumption and emissions throughout its entire lifespan, from construction to ultimate demolition. The calculations will also include the production of the building materials and the energy required to build and maintain the park, to name a few elements.
The plan will seek to identify measures to minimise the sports park’s climate impact. ‘No other entity in Finland has ever had such an extensive carbon-neutrality plan before. The sports park’s design will even factor in the increased rainfall and flooding caused by climate change,’ says architect Toni Saastamoinen.

Thanks to the sports park’s location, the stadium and the future events and leisure services can be accessed in a comfortable and climate-friendly way by taking the metro.
From the City Planning Committee, the sports park’s zoning proposal will go to the City Board. The final approval for the zoning plan will be given by the City Council.

Tapiola’s football stadium project website (in Finnish):

Tapiolan jalkapallostadion, 210807   

Agenda 13 January 2021 .