Rapid development in the surroundings of the Jokeri Light Rail terminus in Keilaniemi

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2020-10-05 10:56

Several noteworthy property development projects are being planned in the environment of the terminus of the Jokeri Light Rail line. Construction of the terminus next to the metro station in Keilaniemi was confirmed when the area’s detailed plan entered into force in summer 2020.

Espoo’s Head of Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo says that the area’s rapid development is affected by the metro and Jokeri Light Rail as well as the upcoming underground carpark and the tunnelling of Ring I, which was completed last year.

“The area’s appeal is increased by the renovated Aalto University campus in Otaniemi, the headquarters of global companies in Keilaniemi, and the park connecting Keilaniemi and Otaniemi above the Ring I tunnel. Keilaniemi is growing into a diverse maritime district where people also live close to excellent services,” he states.

New office building Next.
Keilaniemi Next is estimated to be finished by December 2021. Illustration: SARC Architects.

The headquarters of Fiskars Group will be completed in late 2021

Keilaniemi’s profile as the location of companies’ head offices will be strengthened as the headquarters of Fiskars Group will move to the new office building, currently under construction, at the start of 2022. The headquarters will be located close to the terminus of Jokeri Light Rail and the metro station. The developer and constructor of the Keilaniemi Next office building is NCC, and the project’s investor is Warburg-HIH Invest Real Estate from Germany.  

More information about the construction of the headquarters

A new hotel between Keilaniemi and Otaniemi

An extensive office and hotel complex will be built between Keilaniemi and Otaniemi as the existing Swing office building on Miestentie is being expanded. The new office building and hotel will be attached to the existing building. The estimated time of completion is late 2021 for the office building, and early 2022 for the hotel. The hotel will have 260 rooms in total. The hotel operator will be Sokotel Oy. The construction contractor and investor is Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company.

More information about the new office and hotel complex (in Finnish)

Life Science Center expands

The bioscience and technology business entity Life Science Center is expanding in Keilaniemi, in the immediate vicinity of the Jokeri Light Rail terminus and the metro station. The expansion work on the existing office building will start in spring 2021. The modern expansion will be completed in early 2023. The property’s owner is property investment company Niam. 

More information about the expansion of Life Science Center

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