Like a city of its own

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2018-08-09 15:26

Many believe that Matinkylä is heading towards a resurgence as the urban centre has been revitalised by the improved transport connections. The area currently undergoing the most significant changes is Tynnyripuisto by Iso Omena and the metro station: of the construction projects initiated at the beginning of the year, the first one to be completed will be a two-level underground parking facility. The parking facility will feature underground access to the hotel to be constructed on top and the nearby indoor swimming pool.

In the Tynnyripuisto area, other sports facilities, youth facilities and an upper secondary school for 1,350 pupils will be constructed. In addition to this, a central park will be constructed in the area, with a pedestrian and bicycle route that runs through it.

The Matinkylä centre will be supplemented with an indoor swimming pool, school and new hotel – all of which will be located a mere few steps from the metro station.

A unique feature of the hotel to be completed in Matinkylä is its own power plant. The Suomenlahdentie facade features solar panels that generate energy for the hotel.
A unique feature of the hotel to be completed in Matinkylä is its own power plant. The Suomenlahdentie facade features solar panels that generate energy for the hotel. Photo: Gullichsen Vormala Architects.

The seven-storey, 192-room hotel and two apartment hotels will increase the number of hotel beds available in Espoo by one-third, according to Esa Mustonen of Kassiopeia Finland Oy. When considering the location of the hotel, Matinkylä was selected thanks to its excellent transport connections, which will be further improved with the extension of the West Metro line towards Espoonlahti. In addition to the metro, the bus terminal and related services were also a plus.

“The Matinkylä ice stadium, new indoor swimming pool and Meri-Matti School will also improve the service offering in the area.”

In Mustonen’s opinion, the outdoor recreation route, Espoo’s Waterfront Walkway, is one of the definite assets of the area.

IMG_1371_Nokkalan satama_720x400
City bikes in Nokkalan harbor. Photo: City of Espoo.

“The combination of a good metro connection, excellent services and a seaside location is very rare. The shore is a but walking distance away and the Waterfront Walkway route provides access to truly exceptional vistas. Espoo is making significant investments in developing the route, which will continue to increase the area's appeal in the future.”

The hotel to be completed in 2020, will also feature a restaurant, and two apartment hotels will be constructed next door.

“We expect the customer base to consist of business travellers and tourists. Apartment hotels are sought particularly by families and people who will stay in the area for longer.”

The traffic to Matinkylä is busy. The current terminus of the West Metro line, Matinkylä, sees the highest levels of use. As an example, the average number of people to board a metro at the station between January and March was 16,000 per day. The daily number of boarding passengers at the Matinkylä bus terminal was 9,576 per, on average.

This is also reflected by ticket sales, which have increased significantly especially in Matinkylä and Tapiola. The total ticket purchases of Espoo residents from HSL have increased by 8.3% from last year between January and mid-April – more than anywhere in HSL’s operating area.

Metrostation in matinkylä
Photo: Olli Urpela.

The greater Matinkylä area is currently home to some 41,000 residents, but the population is expected to increase with the commencement of supplementary building in the area. New buildings will be constructed at the location of the old Matinkylä shopping centre, for example. Espoo is also encouraging older housing companies to fund basic renovations through supplementary construction projects, which would also serve to increase the density of the urban structure.

The commercial services are concentrated in the Iso Omena shopping centre, which, after the expansion completed last year, holds more than 200 establishments. The City of Espoo has opened a 6,000 m2 Service Centre at the location, which consolidates the library and health centre in one space.

Esa Mustonen feels that Matinkylä has plenty of appeal for incoming companies, because people tend to travel to the area for shopping from afar.

“In addition to this, the Waterfront Walkway and excellent services within walking distance will enable the development of new travel- and tourism-oriented services,” Mustonen predicts.