The renewal of Kivenlahti to start from the area surrounding the metro station

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2018-11-20 13:40

Kivenlahden metrokeskus_Ilmakuva

The construction of the metro’s western terminus in Kivenlahti will launch the renewal of the whole area. The first target to be built is the area surrounding the metro station with plenty of commercial and office premises planned in addition to housing to further strengthen Kivenlahti’s diverse service offering. At its meeting on 14 November, the City Planning Department will discuss the proposal for the City Board regarding the town plan of the Kivenlahti metro centre.

In the coming decades, Kivenlahti will grow from the current local centre of 8,500 residents into a busy western entrance to the Helsinki metropolitan area with homes built for 15,000 new residents. The goal is also to make Kivenlahti an attractive employment area, and to double the number of jobs from the current figure of just under 2,000.

Kivenlahti to grow around the metro station

High-rise construction has been designed around the metro station to complement Kivenlahti’s current look with its tower blocks. Three new residential towers with 13–22 floors can be built, in addition to which a 22-storey hotel is being planned. The aim is to build homes for about 1,700 new residents in the metro block.

The shopping centre to be built at the metro station and the other commercial and office premises, sports centre and hotel to be implemented in the vicinity will establish the conditions for more versatile commercial services and the creation of new jobs. Park-and-ride facilities have been planned near the metro station. Implementing the town plan requires the Kivenlahdentie road to be moved next to Länsiväylä.

The city estimates that it will receive around EUR 50–65 million in total in land sales and rental income and land use agreement income from the areas surrounding the metro centre. 30–50% of the plots are to be leased out.

Construction to continue on the northern side of Länsiväylä

In the future, the Kiviruukki area to be built on the northern side of Länsiväylä will also be a key part of Kivenlahti with most of the new residential construction around Kivenlahti being concentrated there. Moreover, Kiviruukki will be home to the bio- and circular economy innovation cluster, Cleantech Garden. The component master plan for Kiviruukki is currently being prepared.

Kivenlahti – Cleantech Garden

Illustration: Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP