Kämp group’s GLO Hotel to open in Keilaniemi hybrid tower

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2019-03-11 10:15

The Kämp Collection Hotels chain will open a GLO Hotel in the hybrid tower currently planned for Espoo’s Keilaniemenranta. The hotel group’s CEO Laura Tarkka says the Keilaniemi project is a major investment in the future for the hotel chain, as the investment totals tens of millions of euros.


The new hotel will feature some 350 rooms, making it bigger than, for example, the Kämp luxury hotel, which has 179 rooms. Designed under the lifestyle concept, the price level of the hotel will be moderate compared with luxury hotels.  

In addition to the hotel, the tower will house offices, restaurants and extensive conference facilities. Elevator company Kone Corporation, already headquartered in Keilaniemi, will become the main lessee of the office section.

The plan has it that the construction of the tower will start next year and it will be completed in 2023. YIT will be in charge of construction, with Regenero serving as building owner.

Over 160 metres high, the tower will feature more than 40 floors.

The Keilaniemi area is being developed strongly, and the metro has already changed the environment significantly. The GLO Hotel will become the first hotel in Keilaniemi.

”The metro, upcoming Jokeri Light Rail and Aalto University right next door all create an excellent foundation for the development of Keilaniemi,” says Espoo’s Head of Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

“In the coming years, Keilaniemi will be developed into a versatile and international corporate, research and innovation area, where people can also live and enjoy great services. The hotel and office premises of the new hybrid tower will support development efforts in an exemplary fashion,” says Isotalo.

Illustration: Sarc Architects Ltd