The sea, the metro and nature are a unique combination in Finnoo

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2020-05-11 15:50

The city district of Finnoo combines closeness to nature with excellent services and transport connections in an unprecedented manner.

The development of the new city district of Finnoo is ramping up in western Espoo. The metro station, streets and municipal infrastructure are already coming along nicely, and construction just recently began on the area’s first residential building as well.

Nestled between Länsiväylä and the sea, Finnoo will be a unique district in many ways, according to the City of Espoo’s Regional Architect Mervi Hokkanen.

“It combines the sea, the metro and closeness to nature,” she summarises.

Project Manager Kimmo Leivo, who is responsible for the development of Finnoo, emphasises the diversity of the new city district.

“The high-rise centre being built around the metro station will allow people to enjoy urban hustle and bustle right by the seaside, complete with boat harbour, beach promenade and restaurants.”

“On the other hand, Finnoo will also include peaceful parks and excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation in a seaside environment,” Leivo continues.

Illustration of Finnoo centre.

Instead of a grid plan, Finnoo’s buildings will be placed in a way that allows people to constantly see something new. Illustration: Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects Ltd

Finnoo is being developed with an emphasis on originality. Instead of a grid plan, the buildings will be arranged so that visitors will constantly presented with new views instead of long rows of buildings.

“The buildings and other structures are being developed with a greater emphasis on design than usual. They will feature all sorts of refreshing details,” Leivo says.

Finnoo metro station will be completed in 2022, and the city district will be mostly completed in the 2030s. Kimmo Leivo says that in the next few years, development will proceed one small area at a time.

Illustration of Finnoo metro station platform.
The Finnoo metro station will be completed in 2022. Illustration: Länsimetro Oy

“This way, residents will be able to start enjoying normal life as quickly as possible instead of having to live in the middle of a construction site.”

All in all, the area will provide homes for 17,000 residents of Espoo. In addition to housing, the plan is to build several new day care centres and two schools in Finnoo. The area will also create thousands of new jobs. Commercial services will be centred around the metro station.

The metro station will also be the site of several, more than 20-storey-tall high-rises, which will provide Espoo with a new, highly visible landmark. Their occupants can look forward to some truly amazing views.

“The front windows open out onto 180 degrees of blue sea, and to the rear the view is dominated by greenery. We’ve tested the views from the upcoming buildings using a helicopter-mounted camera.”

Mervi Hokkanen points out that the seaside, green spaces and connection to Espoo Central Park offer a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation and activities.

“The closeness to nature is emphasised by the bird wetland and Siberian flying squirrel reserve located in the area.”

All aspects of the development of Finnoo are steered by the principles of sustainable development, from planning to energy consumption and building materials. A preview of things to come will be provided by the area’s first residential block of flats, the building of which was started by Skansa in November.

“The building is at least 15% more energy-efficient than regulations demand. This is achieved through the use of solar panels, among other solutions,” says Sales and Marketing Director Marja Kuosma from Skanska.

She believes that the area’s closeness to nature and outdoor recreation opportunities will be of interest to physically active people in particular. An even greater benefit is the fact that Finnoo will boast excellent local services and transport connections.

“Good location is a key selection criterion for those seeking a new home, whether to buy or rent.”

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