A new residential parking facility for hundreds of cars in Finnoo

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2020-04-29 15:42

A parking facility is to be built in the new residential district of Finnoo, and the preparation phase has begun. Based on the current timetable, the facility will be opened for use in summer 2021, once the first buildings in the area have been completed.

Syvänsalmenkatu 2 on the guide map.
A parking facility will be built in the new residential district of Finnoo on Syvänsalmenkatu 2.

The four-story carpark in Finnoo’s Djupsundsbäcken will have sheltered parking space for nearly 390 cars. There will be charging points for hybrid and electric cars. The facility will also have disabled parking, and all the floors will have lift access. The carpark address will be Syvänsalmenkatu 2.

A residential area for 17,000 people by the metro line

Nestled between Länsiväylä and the sea, Finnoo will provide homes for 17,000 people. The district will have excellent public transport connections, because it will be constructed around a metro station. The district’s services will be located within walking distance, making the area easy to traverse emission-free. The development of Finnoo is steered by the energy efficiency criteria set by the City of Espoo. For the most part, the district – close to nature, the sea and the metro – will be completed in the 2030s.

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