The West Metro is propelling Espoonlahti towards a bright future

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2020-08-10 8:20

The development of Espoonlahti is entering full swing. The upcoming completion of the second phase of the West Metro in 2023 has already brought a large number of development projects to the Espoonlahti area.

Seaside Espoonlahti is rapidly transforming into a modern centre for urban living that boasts a comprehensive range of local services and is easy to navigate by public transport.

Project Director Kimmo Leivo, who is in charge of the development of Espoonlahti, states that one of the key developments in the Greater Espoonlahti area is the fact that Espoonlahti is now finally poised to get the commercial services and local library that its rapidly growing population needs. “Espoonlahti centre is undergoing comprehensive redevelopment and will be made easily accessible,” Leivo says.  

A new shopping centre to open its doors

Construction is currently underway on a new and larger shopping centre on the site of the demolished shopping centre Lippulaiva. The project is being helmed by Citycon.

“The confirmation that one of the West Metro’s stations will be constructed next to Lippulaiva was also an important factor contributing to the decision to build a new shopping centre that will be twice the size of the old one,” says Commercial Director Mari Laaksonen from Citycon.

Espoonlahti metro station and feeder bus terminal will be housed inside the shopping centre, making it a strong public transport hub.

“The metro will provide a new mode of transport for customers, offering convenient access to the shopping centre in addition to serving as a quick way to move from place to place,” Laaksonen states.

An illustration depicting people at the metro station.
Espoonlahti metro station and feeder bus terminal will be housed inside the shopping centre. Photo by: West Metro.

Expanding an already impressive range of services

The new shopping centre will serve Espoonlahti and its neighbouring areas as a comprehensive centre of local services, with a focus on grocery shops and everyday services.

In addition to grocery shops and cafés, the shopping centre, which is scheduled to open its doors in spring 2022, will also feature a gym and house the new local library of Espoonlahti. The library will also include a City of Espoo service point. The local library is being planned as a innovative and unique library developed specifically with the needs of families and children in mind.

Residential blocks of flats being erected in Espoonlahti

The extension of the West Metro to Espoonlahti has also accelerated housing construction in the rapidly developing area. NCC is set to build a complex consisting of three blocks of flats in the area, the first of which to be completed will be the 12-storey Epoletti in late 2021/early 2022. The diverse complex will include a total of 218 new flats, consisting of both rental and owner-occupied flats ranging in size all the way up to spacious family homes.

In addition to this, NCC has also renovated and converted the neighbouring old office building into a new nursing home.

“Once commercial functions move from Pikkulaiva to the new Lippulaiva, extensive housing production can begin on the plot. Housing production is set continue in the area of Espoonlahti centre for decades, densifying the urban structure along the excellent transport connections,” Leivo says.