Otaniemi and Leppävaara to gain their first rails of the light rail line in May

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2020-04-27 13:53

Otaniemi and Leppävaara in Espoo will gain their first rails of Jokeri Light rail line in May, when the construction begins on Maarintie and Linnoitustie right after May Day.

Illustration of Jokeri Light Rail in Ainanukio, Otaniemi.

Later in summer 2020, construction of the light rail line will also begin on Vaisalantie, Lahdenpohjanraitio, Alberganesplanadi, Leppävaarankatu, Perkkaantie and Ravitie in Espoo. 

The rails will be transported to the construction sites in segments that are approximately 18 metres in length. The transportation and laying of the rails requires a large amount of space, due to which the construction may cause temporary traffic interruptions. To ensure smooth traffic flow and safety, construction will also be carried out at night. Local residents will be informed in advance of construction taking place at night.

After the laying of the rails, work on the streets will proceed to other tasks, including the construction of the rail line’s surface structures and other street segments. The light rail line’s busiest construction period will take place in summer 2021.

Aerial view of the Jokeri Light Rail site on Alberganesplanadi.
Later in summer 2020, construction of the light rail line will also begin on Alberganesplanadi.

Rail traffic increases the attractiveness of the city

The Jokeri Light Rail line is expected to have significant positive effects on Espoo’s urban development and vitality. Jokeri Light Rail will enable new housing for 22,000 Espoo residents as well as 20,000 new jobs.

The new light rail line will interlink Espoo’s most significant high-technology employment areas: Keilaniemi, Otaniemi and Leppävaara. Jokeri Light Rail will also connect the West Metro line and the train tracks at Leppävaara, Espoo’s main railway station, into a combined system. You can travel by rail from the Jokeri Light Rail terminus in Keilaniemi all the way to the airport. You can also transfer between the metro and the light rail line in Otaniemi.

More information on the Jokeri Light Rail website.