New courthouse in Otaniemi

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2020-03-11 15:20

Espoo is getting a new courthouse in Otaniemi, located within easy reach of public transport services. The new building is being erected on Maarintie, next to the upcoming Jokeri Light Rail stop and in the immediate vicinity of Aalto University metro station. The courthouse is scheduled for completion in summer 2022.

Illustration: The Raide-Jokeri Light Rail line.

The Raide-Jokeri Light Rail line runs from Keilaniemi in Espoo to Itäkeskus in Helsinki via Otaniemi. Photo by: Jokeri Light Rail, IDIS Design Oy.

Upon completion, the new building on Maarientie in Otaniemi will house the Western Uusimaa District Court, which currently operates in Nihtisilta. The new courthouse will also provide facilities for the Espoo office of the Prosecution District of Southern Finland and the Espoo office of the Western Uusimaa Execution Office.

For more information, please visit the website of the Finnish Government.