Jokeri Light Rail increases Espoo’s vitality further

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2020-06-09 8:38

The construction of the Jokeri Light Rail has now been ongoing for a year. Despite the exceptional circumstances prevailing in spring, the construction work has progressed well. The light rail will support Espoo’s vitality by bringing new residents and jobs.

Havainnekuvassa Raide-Jokeri kulkee reitillään puistomaisemassa.Illustration of Jokeri Light Rail at Otaniemi. Image: Jokeri Light Rail.

Jokeri Light Rail, reaching from Keilaniemi to Itäkeskus, will bring together the most significant employment areas of technology industry in Espoo – Keilaniemi, Otaniemi and Leppävaara – and will also facilitate the building of new apartments for 22,000 Espoo residents and the creation of 20,000 new jobs.

“Jokeri Light rail’s significance to Espoo’s city development and vitality is enormous. Jokeri Light Rail will continue the growth created by the metro in Espoo in a sustainable way as the services, jobs and housing will all be located along great public transport connections,” says Head of Espoo Technical and Environment Services Olli Isotalo.

Final stop at the growing Keilaniemi

The final stop of Jokeri Light Rail in Keilaniemi takes you on the rails all the way to the airport. An underground car park is planned near this final stop and the metro station, facilitating a great deal more efficient land use.

“Keilaniemi is an exceptionally important business area both in the Helsinki metropolitan area and nationally, and plenty of new office and commercial facilities, hotels and also housing are planned for the area. There are several pending property development projects in the area,” Isotalo says.

The new head office of the Fiskars Group is currently being built in Keilaniemi, for example. The most recent piece of news regarding Keilaniemi was just published: a planning reservation for building a floating swimming and well-being centre was granted to Nordic Urban Oy, the owner of the Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki.

Kuvassa on Fiskars Groupin pääkonttorirakennus ja ihmisiä kävelemässä ulkona.The Fiskars Group’s head office will move to Keilaniemi in Espoo at the start of 2022. Illustration: SARC Architects.

Construction work progressing as scheduled

The civil engineering works of the Jokeri Light Rail have been underway since last summer, and, this spring, the first rails were laid down at the Espoo end, in Otaniemi and Leppävaara. About 20 per cent of this sizeable task has been completed. Construction work is progressing as scheduled. The work will continue until the end of 2023, after which some time has been reserved for finishing the works and carrying out test runs. Operations will begin in June 2024.

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