Tickets and zones of Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) to be reformed in April

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2019-03-21 13:43

Travel expenses of many Espoo residents travelling with the regional ticket will be clearly reduced, for some the expenses will increase by one euro.

bussi Tapiolan bussiterminaalissa

Pricing of HSL public transport tickets will change starting from Saturday 27 April 2019. On that date, new zones will be taken into use. The old internal, regional and extended regional tickets will be history.

In the future, the ticket will be purchased for all the zones that you will travel through. The new tickets will have wider travel areas.

This is how the tickets will change:

• Within Helsinki → AB

• Within Espoo and Vantaa → BC

• Regional ticket → ABC

• Kerava–Sipoo–Tuusula → D

• Kirkkonummi–Siuntio → D

• Extended region 2 → BCD

• Extended region 3 → ABCD

Journey Planner for the new zones has already been set up. You can use it to check the zones that you usually travel through. At the stops, the zone is indicated in the signage of the stop.

Travelling to become cheaper for some

A large share of Espoo residents lives within zone B. Travel expenses of many users of the regional ticket will decrease, because in the future many will only need the AB or BC ticket instead of the regional ticket. This means savings of nearly 47 euros, i.e. 44%, in the case of a 30-day season ticket.

In the case of the ABC ticket, which corresponds to the regional ticket, the monthly fee will increase by one euro.

If the validity of a season ticket continues over the roll-out of the new zone system, the ticket will be automatically converted to match the new zones, i.e. a season ticket within Espoo will be converted to a season ticket of zones BC. If the new season ticket does not match your travel needs, the travel area of the ticket can be changed at a service point within two months.

Remember to replace your travel card

The green travel card needs to be replaced with the new blue HSL card or HSL app before April 27, because the green card cannot be used for travelling in the new zones. The card replacement is free of charge before the roll-out of the new zone system.

The travel card replacement is possible at all sale locations where the card can be loaded.

The card can also be replaced at the service points of the City of Espoo, but it is recommended to do so before the advance voting period will cause congestion at the service points.

The advance voting period will start at the service points on 3 April, so in order to minimise queuing time, it is recommended to replace the green travel cards to blue ones before that date.

Other changes

  • The travel area of a season ticket can be affordably expanded with a zone extension ticket.
  • The student ticket age limit of 30 and the requirement of a study grant decision will be eliminated. In the future, students will be entitled to a 45% discount on the season tickets. The value ticket will no longer be eligible for a discount.
  • The age limit of a child’s ticket will be raised to 17.
  • The single and value tickets will have longer validity in the new system. For example, the transfer time in the AB zone will be 80 minutes.
  • The sale of the SMS and tram ticket will be discontinued.
  • The discount percentage of disabled people will be harmonised to 50%.
  • People aged 70 and over will be entitled to a 50% discount on the value and zone extension tickets purchased with the HSL card from 9 to 14 o’clock.
  • Once the new zones are in use, the interface of the card reader will be different and the display will show only the tickets that can be purchased from the starting point in question.

More information about the new zones

Ticket prices starting from 27 April 2019 (pdf in Finnish)

More information on the HSL app

Photo: Olli Häkämies