Plots for wooden buildings in Finnoo attracted interest

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2020-10-30 8:00

The sales of the new apartment building plots in Finnoo is progressing. The proposed buyer is a consortium formed by Suomen Puukerrostalot Oy, Lindbäcks Group Ab and Kallioinen Yhtiöt. The purchase price is 4.8 million euros. There were 13 buyer candidates.

Head of Technical And Environment Services Olli Isotalo is delighted that property developers have broad interest towards wooden construction and Finnoo.

“Despite the challenging pandemic situation, this shows trust in the demand for new apartments. All things considered, busy construction has continued in Espoo even though the situation is uncertain,” he says.

Djupsundbäcken area in Finnoo.
Preliminary plan of Djupsundsbäcken, Finnoo, from the east. The plots for sale are located in the area on the upper side of the image. Image: Architects Anttila & Rusanen Ltd. / Ramboll Finland Ltd.

“Ecological and climate-positive construction and Finnoo’s special qualities as an example of a sustainable area attract operators to the area. The development of Finnoo is steered by sustainable solutions in all areas, from planning to energy consumption and building materials,” he adds.

The plots being sold allow for three six-story wooden residential buildings which include non-subsidised rental and owner-occupied apartments. The plots are in Djupsundsbäcken in Finnoo, near the sea and the future Kaitaa metro station. The total permitted building volume is 6,600 floor square metres.

Finnoo’s first apartments are currently under construction. In addition, the area’s first carpark is being built and will be finished in late 2022. The metro will start operating in Finnoo in 2023.

The City Board’s Business and Competitiveness Subcommittee will process the matter at its meeting on 2 November 2020 (in Finnish).