Construction progressing in the seaside district of Finnoo

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2020-02-13 15:13

The development of Finnoo, the new district being built around the metro station and close to nature, is progressing at a rapid pace. In addition to the metro station, the construction of the district’s streets and public utility services is also in full swing.

According to Project Manager Johanna Salo, the development of the area is progressing as planned.

“The streets and public utility services are nearing completion. The construction of the main streets has entered the second phase, which involves building the missing sections of the streets. The finishing work is already underway.”

The district’s main streets are Suomenlahdentie, Kaitaantie and Finnoonsilta. Suomenlahdentie and Kaitaantie are already open to traffic.

“Finnoonsilta is still closed to traffic due to the construction sites in the area south of Plantagen.”

Construction of access roads to the first residential buildings to begin in the spring

The construction of Peijinkatu, Peijinkuja and Hannuksenpuisto in the Finnoonkallio area will begin later in the spring. Peijinkatu and Peijinkuja will provide access to the first residential buildings to be erected in Finnoo, the developer of which is Skanska. Hannuksenpuisto, on the other hand, is an approximately 200-metre-long verdant park road for pedestrians and cyclists, which will improve the area’s north-south pedestrian and cycling connections. Construction is estimated to be complete in 2021.

An illustration of Finnoonkallio.

A visualisation of housing company Reimari. Image by: Skanska.

Some of the area’s streets are also being renamed. Hylkeenpyytäjäntie will be renamed Meritie, in addition to which the plan is to build an impressive, architectural bridge on the street at the centre of Finnoo. The planning of the bridge, named Syvänsalmensilta, will begin in early summer.

The redevelopment of Meritie will be preceded by the completion of a new park road, Hylkeenpyytäjänpolku, which will serve as a new, safe route for schoolchildren. A portion of Hylkeenpyytäjänpolku has already been completed, and planning is currently underway on the remaining section.

Finnoo is being built from the best bits

Finnoo is a unique new urban area for 17,000 people being built around the metro station, by the seashore and close to nature. Featuring a high-rise centre around the metro station, the development of Finnoo is steered by energy efficiency criteria set by the City of Espoo. The development of the district’s first residential buildings will begin in spring 2020.

Finnoonsatama marina on a sunny day.
Finnoonsatama marina. Photo: Marko Oikarinen.


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