City of Espoo’s properties switching over to renewable district heating

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2020-10-01 10:01

The nearly 300 properties administered by the City of Espoo Premises Department are switching over to district heating produced using renewable energy sources as part of the Carbon Neutral Espoo 2030 objective. The majority of the affected properties consist of schools and day care centres.

The aim is to carry out the switch to renewable district heating by the end of the year. The district heating in question has been granted the Fortum Eko environmental label, meaning that 100% of the heat is produced using renewable or comparable energy sources. The amount and origin of the energy used is verified by an external auditor.         

Heating of properties steered by heating optimisation

In addition to district heating, Forum is supplying a heating optimisation service to approximately 120 City-owned day care centre and school properties. This autumn, they will be outfitted with sensors that measure temperature and air humidity, the data of which will be utilised together with data from weather stations to control the heating of the properties. This will improve room temperature consistency and the energy efficiency of the properties while also reducing heating costs and emissions. The heating optimisation will reduce the energy consumption of the properties included in the service by approximately 10%.

“The City is aiming for considerable cost savings with these types of new solutions while also taking another significant step towards the Carbon Neutral Espoo 2030 objective,” says Head of Premises Mauri Laurila from the Premises Department.

“I am very happy that the Premises Department chose Fortum’s worry-free services. They will allow us to support Espoo even better on their journey towards sensible energy consumption and carbon neutrality. Our EkoPlus product wil reduce CO2 emissions by almost 36,000 tonnes,” says Head of Sales Timo Kivi from Fortum’s heating and cooling business in Finland.

The collaboration between the City of Espoo and Fortum is part of the Espoo Clean Heat transformation towards completely renewable district heating during the 2020s. The City will give up coal in the production of district heating as early as 2025.