A unique wooden residential building constructed in Tapiola

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2020-10-28 11:44

Climate-positive and ecologically sustainable construction is on the increase in Espoo. Wooden construction will be implemented in Finnoo and Keilaniemi, for example. Tuuliniitty in Tapiola will also see a wooden residential building. The developer for the 13-storey wooden building is the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS).

The building being constructed will be the HOAS’ first wooden apartment building offering ecological housing to students. The new building will have 165 apartments in total, most of which will be studios. The apartments will be factory-made.

“We believe this is the world’s tallest wooden apartment building made out of modules. The apartments will be constructed and furnished completely at the factory,” says Project Manager Anneli Keränen from HOAS.

Wooden apartment building in Tapiola Espoo.

The world’s tallest modular wooden apartment building will be completed in Tapiola in spring 2021. Picture: Hoas.

Keränen sees Tapiola as a central and esteemed district in Espoo.

“The location of the wooden building has excellent transport connections. The future residents will be close to the metro and have access to extensive sports services. And of course, there are shopping opportunities nearby.”

The building is planned to be completed in late May 2021.

According to Project Director Antti Mäkinen, wooden construction fits the area’s profile excellently.

“Asuntosäätiö is also constructing a wooden apartment building in Tapiola, on the same plot as HOAS. Pension company Varma is also planning its first wooden office building in Otaniemi. Innovative wooden construction fits the profile of the Tapiola-Otaniemi-Keilaniemi area, and I believe the environmentally-conscious students will gladly accept ecologically produced housing.”

Next wooden building in Niittykumpu

HOAS plans to continue ecological construction in Espoo. The next wooden building will be in Niittykumpu.

“That one will be implemented the same way as the building in Tapiola. The building will have about 200 student apartments, and construction will start in 2021,” says Keränen from HOAS.

HOAS is also planning more student housing on Miestentie in Otaniemi, in collaboration with the City of Espoo and the Aalto University Student Union (AYY). The project, called Aalto Village 2, is in the planning phase. The location will have residential buildings for both AYY and HOAS, as well as Espoo’s new fire station.

In addition to this, HOAS will start constructing a building of 136 apartments in Perkkaa in spring 2021.