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Half of Finnish business lives in Espoo. The growing city offers plenty of opportunities for property investments. Keilaniemi, the growing smart hub in Finland, is bursting with residential towers looking for investors, and 13 new metro stations are awaiting commercial and residential properties. Come and build the city!

50% of the Helsinki Stock Exchange turnover / The highest income level compared to the other major cities in Finland
Over 52% of residents over 25 years old hold a university degree / 20% of inhabitants under 15 year old
45% population growth within next 30 years / 41% is water, 95 lakes, 165 islands, 58 km coastline
The future headquarters of Wulff Group Plc.

Wulff to establish headquarters in Kilo, Espoo

Wulff Group will move its headquarters to Kilo, Espoo, in the coming autumn. The Group is attracted to Espoo by the city’s sustainability and vitality.

“I highly appreciate the way Espoo encourages companies to operate even more sustainably and develops its operations in cooperation with both companies and residents”, says Heikki Vienola, CEO of Wulff Group Plc.

New hotel in Tynnyripuisto

Attracting travellers to the vibrant city of Espoo

Matinkylä, a fast-growing area in the city of Espoo, is a junction point where the new metro line will branch out even further west in the coming years. In this area, a 192-room hotel, along with two apartment hotels, is currently being built.

Kassiopeia Finland sees Matinkylä and Espoo as areas with great potential. “The location and transportation possibilities of Matinkylä have been crucial for this hotel project”, says Esa Mustonen, representative of Kassiopeia Finland.

Outotecs showroom_Success stories

Be part of our success

Be inspired by success stories of investors and enterprises that are already located in Espoo. Will your story be the next one?